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Friday, June 26, 2020

Dragon Boat Festival

It was dragon boat festival on Thursday this week-one of the most important celebrations in China. Room 5 students were engaged in a variety of activities to celebrate the special day.
At first, they have watched the videos of the history of Dragon Boat Festival and learnt about the reason why and how people celebrate it. The students have become aware of the reason behind the festival, people celebrate Dragon Boat Festival because they want to remember the great poet, Qu Yuan, who sacrificed himself for his country. In the ceremony part, the students have become familiar with sticky rice dumplings and dragon boat race activities.
In Room 5, the students have really enjoyed the process of making a dragon craft, which requires a lot of skills, such as weaving, cutting (hand-eye coordination).

Room 5 students have done a dragon dance after they finished making their dragon.
Voices from Room 5 student:
Ameerah: "It was fun playing with the dragon and making waves."
Nandika: "I liked playing with the dragon and dancing with it."
Eliezer:" I liked colouring in the dragon and making waves with it."
Jordan:" I liked playing with the dragon because I like dancing."
Emmanuel:" I like the dragon that we made."
Kartah:"I like everybody to cut the dragon."